AbdelChansung teaching the crowd how to pray. Subhanallah.

BAP niqabs on sale now!

So beautiful, Mashallah. 

Anonymous said: Come back!!!

hello???? :O

S. A.

I’m a Turkish Muslim who loves our sister country S.Korea and i think your blog is… interesting:) I’m sure you know what to do. Pls never forget to be sensitive about every religions. Good luck…

Umm Zandara Barq’s Winter Hijab

Eunhyuk doing his duas.. Mashallah.

Anonymous said: You guyss.. what happened? I miss your posts. :((

We are back tomorrow inshallah, please check the blog then :)

hannahbunny98-deactivated201307 said: Salaam~ It's so ironic how I found this blog during Ramadan last year. This blog is awesome and so funny! Please continue posting stuff! :)

Thanks for the support <3

xiu-ya said: ASSALAMUALAIKUM! YALLAH HURRY UP AND POST MORE STUFF PLEEAASE, fellow muslimah waiting for update <3

Wa alaikumu salam sister.
We are really sorry that we haven’t been updating this blog for so long, but we are planning on coming back tomorrow!
All of you guys who have been waiting for us all this time and been so patient we want to say thank you<3 

Sister Sooyoung’s Reindeer Hijab Tutorial